MUST READ: Some Things You Shouldn’t Do When Starting a New Relationship

New relationship is like a baby. It needs time and affection to grow. When you are in a new relationship don't forget the matter.
01. Don't Lie
Don't lie to your partner or would be partner. Tell the person clearly about your past not to get sympathy but to be honest.
02. Don't Hurry
Everything needs time. Especially when it is about relationship, you and your partner need some time to think about it calmly and in a proper way. So don't hurry and throw yourself or your partner in a new relationship.
03. Compare with You Ex
It is a very bad situation when you compare your new partner with your ex one. Don't ever do that. Two relationships can't be same. Everyone has own way and the relationship goes by that way.
04. Bring Your Ex
Always be faithful towards your new relationship. Don't hang out with your ex. You may meet your ex if there is any urgency. But don't give him/her the time you gave before. Because you need to take care of your new and existing relationship.
05. Don't Want to Know Everything Personal
Everybody has some personal facts and they are not comfortable with anybody to share it. Time is a fact which tells what to do or not to do. So don't try to get so personal in a jiffy. Take your time.
06. Don't Suppress the Relationship
It is not a good sign to suppress the relationship. Your partner may think that there is some problem with you. So be straight about your relationship.
07. Don't Tell the past Often
When you are in a relationship try to get everything from there. Sometimes you may think about your past life but don't tell that frequently in front of your partner. This can be embarrassing for your partner.
08. Don't Avoid
Don't try to avoid your partner when you are in a new relationship. You may not have time but then make understand your partner the fact rather avoiding.
09. Don't Change Yourself
Don't change yourself for your relationship or for your partner. You are what you are and this is the real fact. If you cover you up, someday it will be flashed. So be in you.
10. Don't Have Another One
When you are in a new relationship you need to have responsibility. So don't flirt with many people. Stay with the one you are in relationship with.
11. Don't Try to Be Close so Early
Relationships need time to be strong. Especially when you are in a new relationship, you need to give some time to your partner and also have for you. Don't try to be intimate with your partner right after relationship. Give it sometime to make a strong bonding.
12. Don't Talk Bad about Friends
Don't talk bad about your partner's friends. They are sometimes the most important companion for people. Respect your partner's friends

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