Music: J Cole & Kendrick Lamar ft Eminem – I’m Back

Brand New Music From Rap Icons. This the moment we've all be waiting on, Listen to the new material from J. Cole. featuring Eminem and Kendrick Lamar "I'm Back".
The upcoming Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole collaboration album, possibly entitled Out The Sky, may not be making an appearance this year due to Kendrick's current legal battles.  However, Kendrick previously hinted the release will remain a surprise, similar to Beyoncé's self-titled 2013 album: "We gon' drop that out the sky. I ain't gonna give no dates, no nothing. I'm just gonna let it fall."
These two cases aren't the first instances of Lamar being taken to court for the unauthorized use of material, previous legal squabbles involved a freelance photographer and Eric Woolfson.  For his part, J Cole is excited about the forthcoming album: "It's coming. We already got too many songs. Even if you just get an EP, you gonna get something, but we got sh*t that we holding in the stash."
He's not the only one. Hopefully these disagreements get squashed soon so that we can FINALLY hear what these two conscious wordsmiths have up their sleeves. Stay tuned

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