Here’s why…

I once had a quarrel with a Nigerian youth, while I was addressing the matter at hand, and yes I told him I was going to beat him up, he kept saying wetin you get pass me, are you richer than me?
I was sad and felt pity, pity for him because I realized this person has lost the true essence of life and living, if money was all he could brag about then he is poor and doesn't even have money.
I know people I am sure I have more money than they do, yet I envy them, I envy their happiness, their focus, their zeal and will to succeed, knowing that the lack of have is a very temporary situation.
Back to this person who works with a TV station, he was talking about having more because he collects bribe from artists to play their videos, before that quarrel, we had conversations and my conclusion of him is my conclusion about a good majority of youths today. We only think temporary. You enter street begin pick money, without a clear long-term goal of what and why you wanted that Yahoo money. Small girls with big Gods do whatever without a plan but to slay and use iPhones. You will get old and that yahoo money no go dey there forever, what is your escape?
Truth is our parents failed us, whether you agree or not, they replaced our common sense with religion and total lack of values, when they pay for you to write Jamb in a private center, because they want the easy way out for you, what's the moral? When they bribe the VC to give you admission, what are they teaching you?
No one is perfect, not even me but like J.Cole said, there is beauty in the struggle. There are basic things I couldn't afford 10 years ago, but now I buy them like it's nothing and only look back and appreciate how far I have come and how far ahead I still need to go.
May our Chi not let us down as we set out to better our lives.

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