G-Naija TV PRESENTS OYEZ IS #FindingX [cc @GospelNaija @OYEZe]

G-Naija TV, the Television section of the GospelNaija platform is set to
launch it's first TV series tagged: #FindingX.

What's X? Who's X? Where's X?

X is any man, woman, boy or girl or even animals with eXceptional,
eXtra-ordinary and eXciting gifts, skills, talents, ideas, innovations
and more that's eXclusive to them or they do eXceedingly well. We're
looking for eXcellence!

The G-Naija TV crew is ready to tour the nooks and crannies of this
nation and beyond to eXamine and eXpose any X's they can find. This is a
good opportunity to showcase that God-given talent. It could be in
music, sports, stunts, arts & crafts or whatever. As an eXample, here's
a video of gospel diva, Funke Akinokun calling out the names of God in
various languages of the world:

More videos and posts on: www.GospelNaija.com/FindingX

Are you an X or do you know one? Please send your/their details,
profiles, pictures or videos to:

#Email: info[@]gospelnaija.com
#BBM: 7C150C9B
#WhatsApp: +2347037264476
#Twitter & #Instagram: @GospelNaija | @OYEZe

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