MUSIC: Sly Estradah - Imeela Chineke

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S.L.Y ESTRADAH is a seasoned All-Time-Positive-Artiste, coming with a
#huge musikal #knowledge and #experience. S.L.Y. here is an acronym
for "Savior Loves You" ; while Estrada means "Express/Unhindered..The
name thus meaning "Express/Extraordinary love of CHRIST..So I man is a
JAHlion,Prophet of d Most High, on trodation with d Gospel of PEACE,
the Glorious Gospel of Christ,a RASta because he is  separated un2 GOD
(Numbers:6).. Imeela Chineke "Thank God" is a blend of Ragga,dub &
rhythm song with both local n international flavour done specially for
d praise & worship of God!It is a Spirit-filled & highly inspiring
song for Christians roundabout d whole World!Enjoy a song xo special!



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