MUST READ: The Slave-Girl (part 1)

A Nigerian by birth
Here she had her first bath
Here she'd watch the bat
She was never called fat
She spent nights on mat

But she loved to go to the forest
There she frequents to take rest
She sings good, almost the best
We waited what she'll sing next
She was cute, queen of the west

During her stroll into forest vast
We enjoyed her song, her last
They scared her with a gun blast
The slave-hunters, ran-off fast
The kidnappers got her at last

She cried her eyes out
As they whisked her off south
She knew what it was about
Hefty men got her into chains
She cried and wriggled in pain

They ran through the swamp
They joined her to slave camp
Thrown into the midst of slaves
They were many, even our brave
Never to have desires they crave

To be Continued

All Rights Reserved 2015

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