Mixtape: J.M.B - MIX CD 2 LP

Finally- the much awaited high-tension mixtape of J.M.B Mix-CD 2 LP drops today - after the EP (O.M.O) successfully dropped about 2 years ago which still got the streets screaming O.M.O (On My Own) until date. The Mix-CD 2 contains different sort of explicit contents but all in a positive delivery to inspire & motivate the hip-hop movement. 
The 28-tracker mixtape contains 7 original songs and covers for songs ranging from Lil Wayne's Mirror to DJ Khaleed's 'Welcome to my hood'.
Grab a headphone & look forward to having a feel of real street hip-hop.
For more good hip-hop music, follow J.M.B on his facebook page.:
www.facebook.com/jaymysterious. Peace out!


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