Born Ikechukwu Solomon Keneze, this Singer/Song Writer performs under the stage name Moniyke.
With an exceptional passion for music, his voyage into the entertainment industry started way back during his undergraduate years. He has also had stints in music production and artiste management over these years.
Signed on to Hybreed Music, Moniyke recently released his 3rd single ‘Water Don Pass Garri’ which trended immediately after release on MTN Music Plus, and has hugely been distributed digitally and on various media platforms in the last few weeks. (#WaterDonPassGarri).
‘Water Don Pass Garri’ is an over-whelming situation, It is one of joy for a man who has found a woman of his dreams worth spending the rest of his life with.
Moniyke’s sound tends towards Soul & R&B with an Afro blend, though infused with a cocktail of sounds from different music genres. It is a blend of Nigerian English & Igbo language. His dexterity in Igbo language is as well un-ignorable as it infuses his music with melody.
The live guitar strings played on the song complements his vocal delivery, as well as the percussions driving the music.
These intertwine of intelligent lyrical progression and beautiful melody sweeps listeners into a dance mode at a melodious pace.
This is a Gold-plated Xmas gift for all those getting hooked this season and in the future, as well as those who’s found the woman of their dreams.
Just like his first single ‘Were Obim’ (Take My Heart), ‘Water Don Pass Garri’ is also a Love song. Judging by his musical works so far, it’s unarguable that he has an impressive and admirable song writing & vocal skill.
‘Water Don Pass Garri’ was produced by the combined effort of the Hybreed Team, mixed and mastered by Suka Sounds. The video is billed for release in February 2016.
For his PR Manager Nelly Ohuche (Nelly-J), “Moniyke is a premium brand that brings to the table Ingenuity and creativity, and with his dedication to his career, it gives his audience something new to look forward to for every material he puts out, and makes work a lot easy for us his team”.
With a tenacity to make a brand of himself and to stand out in all his various endeavors, Moniyke is bent on carving a niche for himself despite the odds. He believes his creativity will stand him out in the industry. @HYBREED_Music @Moniyke
Aside his music career, this industrious Production Technology graduate who hails from Anambra State is also a Business man and a Designer with a clothing line that speaks of his simplicity and creativeness.


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