Music: Olamide x Reflex Soundz @ReflexSoundz - Who You Epp ( Shizzi)

Reflex Soundz (3rd verse Lyrics).... (Intro adlibs) Who u help... Tell me who you help.. You neva baff no no noooh..
(Verse) When u got no money dem ah lock up But dem ah look u from afar Wen u make d money dem ah run come..yeahh. So me ah tell dem say "waka"..eeh ooh But u know say i dey concur.. (concur) For my niggahs wey dey support Dem dey, gimmie d pass, say na one touch.. Mmhhhmm Abobby say na one touch eh I dey work work work Make i fit to chop chop chop chop chop Cuz me ah get, money to make And no time to waste Me nah fit dull dull dull dull dull. Yeah!
Charlie, if you no fit give help( Epp),no be by force, But wen we balling in the club, no be by luck I see d look in ur eye.. Face drop Plus we are leaving with your girl.... Full Stop!


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