Audio+Video: AppyDay - Okro Soup

Appyday (real name Daniel Emeka Okafor) is an Europe based multi talented, Nigerian artist. Appyday is a song writer, film actor, Musician and Music Video Director. Loves Fashion, Music , Kids and African dishes. A pgd holder in Mass Communication, B.A Hons- Theatre Arts and Diploma Certificate holder in Theatre Arts, T.V, Radio and Film Production.
Height: 183cm
Languages: English, Norsk, Igbo and Pidgin English.
Appyday is best described as "A deep masculine voice that fills the room with Passion and Desire" no wonder the ladies love him and go crazy about his songs. His latest singles include:
1. Okro Soup 2 In Love With You Forever
( Available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc) With lyrics so passionate, his music quickly lifts his audience to a realm of passions and emotions. He is the Aphrodisiac . He brings it 100%. Many of his Singles are already trending on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer and all other online music sites.
Though he lives in Europe, Appyday promised that his first single will be purely Nigerian and with a Nigerian Theme. And he made good his promise with "Okro Soup".
In Okro Soup, Appyday presents the longing of all Africans in Diaspora for Home( Africa) For some, it is the longing to reunite with family, for others the longing for the warm African weather and for others the longing for the vegetable rich and palatable african soups and dishes Like The Okro, Afang, Onugbu, Ewedu, Gbegiri, Achara, Edikaikong soups among others.
In the Video, Appyday also depicts the attraction of European Girls towards African men. He tells about their desire to make Chocolate babies with African men. A line in his song goes ,"The baby say she needs me cos i be African amusiri mu ike, She wanna have my children, chocolate babies O na-agba ha ara". Appyday goes on to say that the only difficulty with white girls is that most of them do not know how to make the native African dishes that their African men love to eat, and in that case, the men must make the food by themselves.
Appyday loves Dancing, Travelling, kids, Epic movies and Nigerian Dishes His best color is the color Blue.
1. Okro Soup 2 In Love With You Forever
( Available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc)
TEXT 0768182 TO 4100 (1 month) or TEXT 1768182 TO 4100 ( 1 week). GET OKRO SOUP AS CALLERTUNE . Text 901647 TO 251. ETISALAT ONLY


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