From Africa To The World, Leaders In Blockchain Innovation Presents Oduwacoin

Join the Crypto Revolutionary Digital Money System with No-Fees ODUWA COIN is Digital Cash
Oduwa coin is a digital payment system, a next generation cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to settle all transactions within the network with no central authority. Oduwa values, privacy, security and efficiency due to the nature of asset protection the block provides. Oduwa coin gives users the opportunity to become gainers within short-term acquisition. A cryptocurrency that has triple functions and can be used for:
-Global trading just like stock
-For crowd funding to support any course or goodwill donation.
No Transaction Fees for payments, sending and receiving Oduwa coin and Zero fees trading OWCwithin ODUWA network.
A private permissioned blockchain where users' security is our number one priority,
There are only 21,000,000 Oduwa coins worldwide and scarcity will generate demand.
Oduwa coin is designed to empower each other. A community where everyone has gold.
We are committed to increasing accessibility and the growth of Oduwa.
How do you buy ODUWA COIN?
Oduwa coin will be made available on all reputable Crypto-currency exchanges worldwide. You can also buy Oduwa using bank deposit options with Naira. visit Or CLICK HERE
i .Payment - Sending and Receiving Oduwa Coin
II. Global trading just like stock
III For crowd funding to support any course or goodwill donation.
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