Don't Plunge Our Country Backwards by selling Your Votes - Miss Nigeria

Greetings Nigeria!
My name is Chidinma Leilani Aaron and I am the 42nd Miss Nigeria. I bring you the following message:

As we draw closer to the General Elections, I wish to use this medium to urge you to exercise your right to vote. We have many aspirants, each with a unique message and agenda enough for you to choose your best candidate.
The day of the elections will be a day of true patriotism for us all. Come out with your friends, family and colleagues, stand in line and vote. 
Vote your chosen candidate; vote your conscience. 
Do not plunge our great country backwards by selling your vote or engaging in election violence or assisting in any form of rigging. Stand for what's right. Do your part and trust the process.
As Nigeria moves forward so do we, her citizens move forward. 
Let's make history together. 
Let's VOTE!
Thank you.

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