SULTAN, Aka Tha Rap Guy, the overly young  but extremely talented kid wonder, who is widely known for his musical prowess, (music with meaningful contents), shares some of his simple life philosophy though he is merely a kid. He advises kids like him all they have to do is believe and they can achieve anything before they get to an adult age.
SULTAN in a recent interview with Celebtalk made it clear, that No matter what your background is, you can be whatever you want to be. Being a kid is never an excuse to be a failure, in fact being a success should not be an option. you have to know what you like doing and put more energy into it, before you know it with perseverance and determination you will get good results, even if at first is not up to the level you want it, but the baseline is that you have made a stand then you just have to build on it.
He also talked about his unreleased debut album titled BABY SHARK, which he said will excite his fans and music lovers because they will be listening to a different sound from SULTAN which shows his versatility as an artist.
SULTAN when asked how he thrives in music industry, says "A million people can have the same idea as you, but it is how you execute yours, with the level of value added that makes you outstanding"
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