Yaply Launches A Personalized Social Media Platform

Yaply is a social network and news aggregation platform that allows you to create, share and consume digital media. A mobile-first interest based approach keeps you updated with content and information that is relevant to you.
The non-obtrusive interface and modern design makes using the Yaplyapp a delightful experience. It is intuitive and utilizes gestures appropriately, making it feel familiar and easy to use.
Yaply app key features include:
*Follow and subscribe to people and communities and get targeted content.
*Interest based content aggregation presented as feeds. The app allows you to organize your feeds by rating, time and post popularity.
*Post Text, Images, Video, Links and Poll
*As a content creator, you have the ability to attach digital rewards such as coupons and gift-cards to your posts to be gifted to users who engage with your posts. You can reward first to comment, first to engage or randomly select from the people who engage with your post. Rewards are distributed automatically. Conversely, users can also tip content creators for producing good content.
*Karma – grow your influence as you create content and interact with other users and posts. Higher karma levels qualifies you for additional perks on the platform.
*Chat with friends real-time and engage in community group discussions.
*Create and manage your very own community around a favorite subject. Engage with and manage your subscribers. You have the ability to run a paid subscription service. This makes Yaply an ideal platform to grow your brand.
*Push notifications to alert you whenever your followers interact with your posts.

*Privacy and Security – Your privacy matters to us and we adhere to the strictest industry standards as regards data protection. We constantly review our protocols and keep them up to date with current security recommendations.
If you are looking to develop that growing interest in photography or get inspired by professionals in your field of study or keep up to date with the latest gadgets, Yaply has you covered. You will find content featuring the latest fashion trends, business ideas, discussions on relationships and family and virtually any topic that may be of interest to you.
Yaply is available on android, iOS, and web.
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