The Leader of Ndigbo in Lagos and President of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Lagos, Chief Solomon Ogbona Aguene has adviced Nigerians to be law abiding and obey all rules put in place to fight the current pandemic ravaging the world.

Chief Solomon Aguene who is a Patron of Actors Guild of Nigeria gave this advice in a special COVID 19 message alongside his friends in the Nollywood industry. He strongly warned against any individual who sought to treat this pandemic threat casually stating that while we may have been starved of our various sources of income during the short period of the national lockdown it would be note worthy to place friendly reminders of how COVID-19 is not just contagious, but highly contagious and from records has become a threat to humanity across the world, as opposed to our hunger to do business.

Hence, it would be in our best interest that while this global pandemic may not necessarily be a death sentence or spell doom to all who may become contaminated, it is still important that we take all precautionary measures to safe guard and protect not just our lives which has no duplicate but the lives of our fellow man whom through business and quality time spent together make our lives more meaningful.

Chief Solomon Ogbonna called every business individual and groups out there in Lagos and Nigeria at large whether Igbo or otherwise not only begin to RECITE THE NEW ANTHEM INSPIRED BY COVID-19 but also pledge to frequently act upon it.

THE ANTHEM: wash your hands under running water with soap; use hand sanitizers in the absence of water and soap; avoid touching the face more importantly the nose, eyes and mouth; get yourself face masks and hand gloves to
help ensure this; maintain social distancing and finally stay home and stay safe!

The COVID-19 pandemic if for anything, has proven now more than ever that as humans we cannot do without one another, and if were going to make it through this trying time of health crisis and great economic depression, we have no other option than to support each others endeavour.
Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene – Leader and President Ohaneze Ndigbo in Lagos, has also taken up the initiative in collaboration with The Lagos State Government led by Governor Babajide SANWOOLU and The Ebele/Anyichuks Foundation led by Dr IFEANYICHUKWU ODII to carry out palliative measures to support the masses during the stay at home period across various local government areas and communities in Lagos State.


The Lagos State Government supplied a large number of palliative which went a long way to cushion the effects of the lockdown. Another set of palliative from EBELE/ ANYICHUKS FOUNDATION came in and over 6000 members of the ABULE ADO community benefited from the food items and nose mask. The executive of the OHANEZE NDIGBO LAGOS under the leadership of Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene remain grateful to the Lagos State Government and also appreciate greatly EBELE /ANYICHUKS FOUNDATION for such kind gesture.


According to Chief Solomon, the goal of this exercise was to ease the economic and financial strain – on the masses of local communities – brought about by the global and national lockdown due to the pandemic which has seen prices of various goods and services skyrocket in the past days. Hence, provisions were made in terms of food items to include: rice, beans, cartons of noodles amongst others; face masks, hand gloves and cash grants to many individuals and peoples. The distribution of the palliatives was with no ethnic bias and was given to Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, and other homogeneities.

To wrap it all up, The Ohaneze Ndigbo of Lagos State cheered the efforts of the political leaders and all those who have also taken up the initiative to run the palliative campaign in various parts of Nigeria, whilst encouraging those in the upper echelon of the society to aid and support the vulnerable and less privileged around them. Most importantly though , he noted, that while we are going about all of these activities, we should always remember to apply great caution and stay safe

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