Album: Jaystifla - World Best (G.O.A.T) (The EP)

Jaystifla's debut album 'World Best' is an exceptional afrobeats body of work containing 8 songs with different vibes, rhythms, melodies, concepts and message. He gives us the new age afro-vibration feeling when you don't know whether to dance or chill and sing along or to listen closely to the background instruments.
Just one word best describes this album; "Expendable"

Y'all have heard 'Bàbá Ghana's previous jams, you know he never disappoints...
1.  Jaystifla - World Best // DOWNLOAD MP3
2. Jaystifla - Amen (feat. Wizdomination) // DOWNLOAD MP3
3. Jaystifla - Good Lovin' (feat. Teki) // DOWNLOAD MP3
4. Jaystifla - Bossu // DOWNLOAD AUDIO
5. Jaystifla - Dagbana // DOWNLOAD MP3
6. Jaystifla - Cos 90 // DOWNLOAD MP3
7. Jaystifla - Grind (feat. Xakk) // DOWNLOAD MP3
8. Zuu & Jaystifla - Booze // DOWNLOAD MP3

All tracks were produced, mixed and mastered byHydraulix Fonye except for track 3 which was produced by Maison.

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