MUSIC: Leezee - Bust

Uyisa elizabeth Adung, popularly known as leezee,
born 13th April 1999 to the family of Dcn kenneth Adung. She is the last of four, three girls and a boy.
She is from cross river state, obudu.

Her primary school education was at Legacy nursery and primary school, Madala and her secondary school education was at Government Girls Secondary School, Dutse. Currently she is a second year student of Industrial Chemistry at Ebonyi state University, Abakiliki.
She is a great and passionate singer, rapper and a songwriter. She started singing at a very tender age due to inspirations from other great artists out there and out of love for music. She was born in Madala and later moved to FCT Abuja with her parents who were civil servants. Where she got the opportunity to meet people that could develop her talent and with the support and love from her parents and friends she grew more passionate about music.
Her Music career started up professionally in 2018.
Been able to get a chance to perform at shows and events, Leezee became more confident and willing to pursue her dreams
She infuses her experience in both good and bad situations happening around her into her music and that makes it unique. She is able to create her style and expresses herself in her songs and this is influenced by her icon Rihanna.
Her parents didn’t support her when she started showing interest in music because they felt it will turn out bad and this might have a negative effect on her, so they tried to talk her out of it. But her passion was stronger than what they felt. As time goes on, her family and friends gave her their full support and prayers because of the potentials they saw in her. And with this, she knows the sky will be her starting point.

Twitter: leezee
Facebook: leezee Adung

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