MUST REAd: Tips on How to Run your Slow PC Faster

Computer is a very important thing in our every day life. We mostly depend on this PC for doing any critical job. So it is needed to take proper care of PC so it can work faster and smoothly.
01. Uninstall Unused Programs
Some of the programs run when you start your PC but you don't need them at all. Check your hard disk space and find out programs which you don't need. Uninstalling those programs will make your PC light and then it will run faster. You will find your programs by clicking control panel.
02. Delete Files
Some files stay on your computer and those come from everyday tasks. Thus computer becomes slow. Regularly delete these files by cleaning TEMP. Temp can be found in C drive.
03. Clear Internet History and Cockies
Internet history and your cache cookies contain various files or viruses and those make PC slow. Regularly clear those items after finishing your work. And thus your PC will remain safe as well as perform faster.
04. Run Disk Cleanup
Run disk cleanup to make your computer fast. Click start and then form all programs you will find disk cleanup. By disk cleanup unnecessary files will be deleted from C drive. When C drive is relaxed then PC will work faster.
05. Use Recycle Bin
Use recycle bin to clean your PC. Regularly do it after finishing works.
06. Install Anti Virus Program
Antivirus program will keep your computer safe. When you use internet or use pen drive then your PC may be attacked by virus and PC will work slowly. Use spyware and antivirus programs to keep your PC safe and make it run faster.
07. Run Disk Defragment
This will reconfigure your PC hard drive the way it works. From my computer right click the hard drive and then go to properties. There you will find tools tab and there also Defragment now.
08. Check for Disk Errors
Disk errors also make your PC slow. Go to my computer and then right click the hard drive and select properties. After then go to tool tab and check now option. There you will get error checking area.
09. Clear Prefetch Folder
Windows keep some programs for fast operation. But after years those need to be constructed. Clear prefetch and make it new. Then your computer will run faster.
10. If Important Add RAM
Sometimes you need to add RAM to your PC. If you make above attempts but PC still slow then you may need to add RAM for faster performance.
11. Make PC Cool
It is really important to keep your PC coll when working. Overheat can damage your computer and as a result it works slowly. Make sure your PC cooler is performing well and thus you can make your PC faster than before.
12. Re Install Windows
If you are fade up with your PC then try re installing windows. Sometimes PC becomes slow due to virus and malware. Re installing windows in PC can solve this problem and thus your PC run faster.
13. Use Extra Hard Drive
If you need much space in PC then you can use Portable or extra hard drive. When your PC is overloaded with files it starts performing poor. Make space in your computer using extra hard drive. And then your PC will run faster.
14. Limit Automatically Run Programs
When you start up PC some programs run automatically, You don't know. Find out those and kill them. This is one of the best ways to make your PC faster.
15. Use a Static IP
Computer takes a lot of time to start as it asks IP addresses form internet. You can add a static IP adress in your network sector and thus seep up your computer.

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