MUSIC: Ginika - Goziem (Mama)


Ace sensational singer Buchi Ginika Ewulum formerly known as Buchy, is back and ready to take the music industry to another level. The Afropop/Afrosoul artist came back with a lot of rebrands including her new stage name Ginika. She has been in the music scene for quite some time before she took a break.
Ginika is here to kick off 2023 with a melodious song she dedicated to her Mother titled "Goziem" (Mama).

Ginika has been singing for close to ten years now and according to her, she grew up listening to good music by John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Hudson, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Adele, to mention a few.

When asked about what inspired her new single Goziem (mama), this is what Ginika had to say:

''It’s a song written for my beloved mother. A woman I love beyond human imagination. I lack the words to express how grateful I am to go through this journey of life with her as my mother. She has always urged me to go back to music but I would come up with so many excuses. When I noticed how she lights up when I sing and the joy it gave her, I promised her I would start singing professionally again.
With that, I resumed my vocal and piano lessons and watched her beam with joy when I play and sing.

I had no idea that would be my last promise to her. I got this song in my dream 6 days after she transitioned so I named the song Goziem which is my mother's name. I want the whole world to hear her name and know how blessed I am to have had her as a mother. I want her to hear this song and know how much I love and appreciate her.
Additionally, I want everyone to appreciate their mother and loved ones when they listen to this song because life is so short and fickle.

My only regret is that I wasted so much time going back to singing despite her pleadings. When I finally decided to sing again, she left this realm.
I made a promise to my mother that I have to fulfil. Knowing that I am doing what she has always wanted me to do has given me closure, peace and a new purpose in life. Even though I can't see her physically, I know she is with me on this journey. I know she is now my spirit guide…

When asked of her advice for fast-rising artists, Ginika said:
''Don’t turn your passion for singing into desperation for fame, you will burn out. Sing because it feeds your soul with joy. That’s when you will know true fulfillment and eventually, you will have your heart desires''

Ginika's new single will be available on all platforms from the 27th of January 2023, Kindly stream and share let's celebrate our mothers.


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